Stress-free travel to splendid Wells-next-the-Sea

Park the car and enjoy a hassle-free trip along the Norfolk coast, taking the time to watch the world go by. Travelling by bus gives you the opportunity to stop off and explore charming coastal towns and villages by foot, without the frustration of hunting for a parking space, particularly in the busy summer months.

Coastal Bus Services

The North Norfolk coast is fortunate to have a number of regular, reliable bus services connecting nearly all the towns and villages in the area. The two most useful for visitors wanting to explore are the Coastliner and Coasthopper services.

The map above indicates the towns and villages visited by Coastliner, Coasthopper 1 & 2 and the No. 5 Service. There are several minor additional stops in between those indicated.

The red map markers show the Coastliner route, blue and yellow indicate Coasthoppers 1 & 2 respectively, and green represents the No. 5 Service. You can zoom in to the individual bus drop off and pick up points along the way.

Coastliner Bus Service

The Coastliner 36 bus service operated by Lynx (shown in red on the map) runs hourly, seven days a week. It covers King’s Lynn, Hunstanton, Burnham Market, Wells-Next-The-Sea and Fakenham, stopping at the smaller villages along the way.

The only connecting point between the Coastliner and Coasthopper services is at The Buttlands bus stop, in Wells-next-the-Sea.

Coastliner 1, 3 and 7 day tickets give unlimited travel on all Lynx and Sanders-operated services, including the Coasthopper.

1 day
3 days
7 days

* Up to 5 people, max 2 over 16s.

For ticket and service enquiries contact Lynx on 01553 611955 or

Coasthopper Bus Service

The Coasthopper bus service operates seven days a week and runs hourly Mondays to Saturdays and almost hourly on Sundays and Public Holidays. It is operated by Sanders Coaches.

The Coasthopper 1 service runs along the coast road between Wells-Next-The-Sea and Cromer, and is shown in blue on the map.

The Coasthopper 2 service runs between Cromer and North Walsham, and is shown in yellow.

The No. 5 Service runs alongside the Coasthopper 2 route and extends it from Cromer to Sheringham and Holt. Shown in green, above.

Coasthopper 3 and Coasthopper 4 are additional buses adding a half-hourly service between Sheringham and Wells during high season.

You can catch the Coasthopper 1 service in Wells at The Buttlands. Connect to the Coasthopper 2 service at Cromer, or the No. 5 Service at any stop between Sheringham and Cromer.

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You can purchase Coast Explorer tickets, giving you the freedom of all Sanders Coaches services including Coasthopper, and those run by Lynx, including the Coastliner, on the day of purchase. These can be bought from the driver.

For ticket and service enquiries contact Sanders Coaches on 01263 712800 or