Mrs Temple’s Cheese

Famous award-winning cheese made locally in Wighton

Catherine Temple is famous for her delicious range of cheeses, handmade in North Norfolk at Copys Green Farm in Wighton, near Wells. A selection of hard and soft cheeses are made from the pasteurised milk of her own Brown Swiss cows.

Her popular cheeses include Binham Blue (a soft blue veined cheese), Copys Cloud (melting centre with a fluffy white rind), Wells Alpine (a supple, nutty cheese), Walsingham (a hard matured cheese), Gurney’s Gold (a semi-soft washed rind cheese), Wighton (a creamy soft, fresh curd cheese), Melton Mozarella and Warham.

Her bestselling cheese is Binham Blue. Made with vegetarian rennet, the cheese has a pale yellow interior and a courser natural crust. It has a creamy texture and full flavour, though not overwhleming. It’s an award winning cheese, receiving Bronze at the British Cheese Awards in 2004, that is famous across East Anglia.

In 2015, Gurney’s Gold was fittingly awarded a gold medal at the British Cheese Awards. This semi-soft cheese is washed twice weekly for several weeks to promote the development of a golden rind, similar to peach skin. With a melting texture, it’s similar to French cheeses such as Reblochon or the Italian Tallegio.

Catherine and her husband Stephen run the farm and cheese-making operations responsibly and sustainably. Cheese production is fuelled by energy created on the farm using biomass technology. They have installed an anaerobic digestor that uses farm waste to generate heat, hot water and electricity, and power the farm using renewable energy. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed – they were named Green Energy Farmers of the Year in 2006.

They are deeply committed to high standards of animal welfare. The cows on the farm are extensively grazed and fed largely on homegrown forage crops. As their cattle food is mostly produced on the farm it is fully traceable from grass meadows through to the customer.

Catherine Temple’s cheese-making career started in her kitchen, and has become one of Norfolk’s best known products, found in many farm shops, delicatessens, pubs and restaurants. She now makes over thirty tonnes of cheese each year. The wide range of flavours and textures make Mrs Temple’s Cheese the perfect choice for a cheeseboard.

Mrs Temple’s Cheese
Copys Green Farm
NR23 1NY

Tel: 01328 820224